5 Principles for Effective Business Case Writing

Creating a strong business case is crucial in today’s business environment. It’s about presenting your ideas not only with clarity but also with impact. Below are the 5 principles we use for effective business case writing, incorporating the Six C’s for added clarity and engagement.

The Six C’s: A Pillar for Business Case Writing

Integrating the Six C’s into your business case ensures it’s effective and leaves a lasting impression:

  1. Clear: Can it be understood on the first reading? Clarity is paramount.
  2. Concise: Is it to the point, specific, and as short as possible? Brevity matters.
  3. Complete: Are all the facts accurate and verifiable? Completeness builds trust.
  4. Correct: Is the final proof free of errors? Accuracy reflects professionalism.
  5. Courteous: Does it create an appropriate image of the writer and organization? Respectful tone is key.
  6. Compelling: Will the reader go beyond the first paragraph? Engagement is crucial.

Principles of Clear Writing

To enhance the effectiveness of your business case, adhere to these clear writing principles:

  • Vary the Length of Sentences: Aim for an average of 15 – 20 words per sentence. A mixture of long and short sentences maintains reader interest and comprehension.
  • Use Active Voice: Active voice is direct, concise, and personal. It creates a stronger impact than passive voice, making your case more persuasive.
  • Conversational Style: Write as you speak, pitching complexity at a year 8 – 10 level. Avoid jargon unless your audience is familiar with it.
  • Be Succinct: Identify your main message and start from there. Ask yourself if each word adds to clarity and understanding. Less is often more.


Combining the Six C’s with clear writing principles ensures that your business case is not only well-structured but also engaging and persuasive. Remember, the effectiveness of your business case lies in its ability to communicate your ideas clearly and compel your audience towards action.

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