First Time Doing a Detailed Design? You’re Not Alone

Collaboration is Key in Design

Embarking on your first design project can be a mix of excitement and uncertainty. If you’re finding yourself in this spot, here’s the first thing to remember: you don’t have to do it alone. Design, at its core, is a collaborative process. An architect’s role isn’t just about drawing lines and shapes; it’s about extracting knowledge from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). This collaboration enriches the design and ensures it’s centred in expertise.

Embrace the Learning Curve

It’s completely normal not to have all the answers. In fact, asking for help is a sign of professionalism. Design requirements often have nuances specific to organizations. Recognizing when to seek guidance is not only smart but essential. This openness to learning and collaboration brings depth to your design.

Storytelling Through Design

A successful design must tell a story. It should have a clear narrative that guides the reader through each element. If the flow is missing, the design becomes difficult to comprehend. Think of your design as a storybook where each page builds upon the last, making the whole narrative engaging and easy to follow.

The Power of Branding and Uniformity

Now, let’s talk about something that might seem trivial but is incredibly impactful: branding and uniformity. Consistent use of colours, fonts, and styles goes a long way in professionalizing your design. This consistency not only reinforces brand identity but also makes the design more accessible and easier to interpret.

Highlight Your Design Decisions

Your design decisions should not be buried under aesthetics. Clearly articulate why certain choices were made. Highlight these decisions; make them visible. This clarity not only showcases your thought process but also invites constructive feedback, leading to a more refined outcome.

Peer Review

Lastly, get as many eyes on your design as possible. Before the build phase, it’s crucial to share your vision. This not only garners support and understanding from your team but also uncovers potential issues or improvements. The feedback loop is a crucial part of the design process.


Remember, your first design project is a journey of growth and learning. Embrace the collaborative nature, seek help when needed, tell a compelling story through your design, maintain brand consistency, clearly articulate your decisions, and welcome feedback. Each of these steps will lead you to a successful and professional design.

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